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Letter to the editor: Digital skills are vital for growth

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[RE: Spring Budget 2024: Six things to look out for, 1 March]

While the steps taken in the Autumn Statement, like permanent full expensing, were beneficial, they barely scratched the surface of the deeper issue impacting our economy – the ongoing digital skills crisis.
We’ve seen first-hand that there is a tangible link between digital skills and GDP growth – countries leading in digital proficiency experience a GDP per capita four times higher than those falling behind, highlighting the need for consistent, targeted skills training within UK businesses.

In the face of this, a nationwide skills framework would not just be advantageous but is increasingly becoming essential for our economic future. After all, comprehensive oversight of the skills the nation has and the skills we need will enable government and businesses to work together to address gaps.

The upcoming Spring Budget presents a unique opportunity for the government to take decisive action. By supporting skills training and incentivising diverse hiring practices, we can democratise opportunities for all and ensure our workforce remains robust in the face of evolving market trends and emerging technologies.
Looking beyond the Spring Budget, we urge all political parties to incorporate digital skills policies into their pre-election manifestos. The future of our economy depends on it.

James McLaughlin, WithYouWithMe

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