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Letter to the editor: The Spring Budget should give employers licence to skill

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[Re: Encourage investment and tackle skills shortages in Spring Budget, businesses say]

Businesses across the UK are right to demand more from the government to tackle our country’s skills shortages. This could start by looking at how to better align the apprenticeship levy receipts with the budget set by Treasury and create better incentives to re-engage SMEs which particularly attract young people.

Apprenticeship programmes create new channels to build and attract a more diverse talent pool and help upskill/retrain the existing workforce, opening up opportunities for all ages and at all levels. 
However, a more holistic approach to skills policy is necessary if we are ever to close the UK’s skills gap for good.

To make meaningful change to skills policy at this year’s Budget, the Chancellor must set aside sufficient funds to create a dedicated, sustainable and long-term skills system, aligned to a National Skills Strategy and an Industrial strategy putting learners and employers at the heart. 

It is then up to training providers to work closely with employers to provide robust solutions for their workforce planning, recruitment and people development requirements, further bolstering the productivity and growth of the business, and the wider economy.

Crucially, it will also ensure we’re producing the talent pipeline this country and its employers need to capitalise on opportunities presented to us. 

Nicola Hay MBE, BPP

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