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Labour playing ‘Bazball’ as Starmer says business ‘fingerprints’ on plans for power

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The Labour Party is playing “Bazball”, a senior Bloomberg figure has said, as SIr Keir Starmer has vowed businesses has its “fingerprints” on the party’s plans for power.

Constantin Cotzias, global external relations director at the media corporation, told Labour’s business conference at the Kia Oval cricket ground that the event came at a “critical” time.

In a nod England’s exciting new brand of cricket, ahead of the second England Test match against India which starts tomorrow morning. Last week, England completed a thrilling and dramatic turnaround victory against the hosts.

Cotzias joked: “We’re all hoping Sir Keir will continue his ‘Bazball’ approach to business – positive, engaging and delivering results.”

His comments came after the Lloyds of London chairman said last year that the City of London needed to follow the cricketer’s approach and embrace the ‘Bazball’ spirit.

Speaking to the Business Conference, Starmer outlined his message to firms ahead of a general election which must take place before January 2025.

He told the audience of senior executives and investors that the “caricature that British business only serves the shareholder interest is lazy and out of date”.

Sir Keir added: “One of the things I draw great hope from is the determination I see from the countless business leaders I’ve met to serve the national interest… but what else you could achieve if you had a government that matched your ambition.”

He stressed the “partnership” between Labour and business, saying “your fingerprints (are) on every one of our five missions.

“Everything we do is driven by a determination to provide the businesses, communities and people of this nation with the conditions to succeed.”

“We haven’t just opened the door, we’ve taken decisions together as equal partners in the venture of national renewal. Your fingerprints – on every one of our five missions.”

Unveiling Labour’s new plan – a business partnership for growth – Starmer stressed: “This document we’re launching today [is] a Labour plan for business, a partnership for growth.

“The mission: achiev[ing] the highest sustained growth in the G7. We want everyone involved to understand the destination… we embrace the harsh light of accountability.

“This is how you learn and adapt when faced with a longtime challenge.”

Policies the Labour leader mentioned included reforming the apprenticeship levy, long called for by firms, and creating a new Skills England body and new technical excellence colleges.

An outline of the plan, seen by reporters, said with Labour, firms would have “meaningful consultation and early visibility of decisions”, while bodies including an infrastructure council, a council for economic growth, and a statutory industrial strategy council would guide policy.

Labour, the report saud, would provide stability, set strategic direction, remove unnecessary barriers and secure growth everywhere; while firms would be asked to contribute to national missions, invest in people and capital, provide fulfilling work and support nationwide growth 

The party says its plans for growth – in a bid to top the G7 – would entail prioritising economic stab, backing British firms, getting the UK building again, creating a skills revolution and ensuring work pays and growth is equally shared.

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