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The Notebook: Now is a good reminder of the power of setting goals

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Where the City’s movers and shakers have their say. Today, it’s Mimi Ikonn, co-founder of wellness brand Intelligent Change.

As February gets underway, many find themselves grappling with the reality that their professional resolutions may not be panning out as expected.

Long lists of ambitious targets and shaky action plans can make this a stressful time of year where maintaining momentum with our goals can prove really challenging, often resulting in the total abandonment of resolutions altogether (so long, Third Space membership!).

On one hand, it is immensely positive that the tradition of New Year’s resolutions prompts us to reflect on the past year and to dedicate time to envisioning what we want in our futures. This introspection not only allows for the acknowledgement of achievements but also provides insights into areas where changes are needed for better alignment with one’s aspirations.

On the other hand, I often see that the key tips and tricks that could simplify the process behind goal-setting are neglected. The desertion of resolutions can often leave us feeling disheartened and overwhelmed.

This is why I think it is so important that we delve into the right ways to go about setting your 2024 resolutions. From my own journey, I can affirm the transformative power of goal-setting in bringing even the most far-reaching dreams to fruition. Once you’re armed with the correct tools and approach, visualising and building your dream life through goal-setting is a far easier and more enjoyable process than many think!

Resolutions with resolve

For professional resolutions to stick, they need to be in line with your values and your wider vision. So your first step may need to be defining what you want for yourself in a holistic sense. When developing your broad picture goals for the year ahead, it can be really helpful to look back over the year just gone and ask yourself questions such as, “What brought me joy?” and “What lessons did I learn?”

Plan your dreams

For your action plan to be effective, you need to ensure the wording of your goal is specific and measurable. Swapping, for example, ‘‘I will progress in my career in 2024’ to, “I will achieve a promotion to X role”.

Afterwards, you should identify the habits that you will need to adopt to achieve this goal. Continuing with the example of being promoted, establish the habits that a person in that role would exhibit and weave these into a scheduled plan with timings attached. For example, in week one of your plan you may write, ‘I will complete all of my tasks within their set deadlines’ or, ‘I will show proactivity by performing three tasks which I haven’t been set’. By month six you may write, ‘Host a meeting with my line manager to access my progress’.

Moving to accountability…

Once your goals are laid out, it’s just a matter of keeping the promises you’ve made to yourself. Whilst it’s not always possible to do something every day, weekly and monthly check-ins will prove pivotal in keeping you on track. Some may also find it useful to pair up with an accountability buddy. Share your goals and timelines with them so that you have an external partner to hold you to your word. My final tip is to ensure you celebrate the small wins!

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