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BAE Systems unveils AI military training programme

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BAE Systems is ramping up its innovation efforts, this time by being the first in its industry to create an AI-powered learning system meant to make military trainees “mission ready sooner”.

In partnership with Cambridge-based and AI-powered tech scale up, Obrizum, the British defence giant has curated a platform that combines the arms of its current training courses into one – the iDigital Learning Environment (DLE).

The DLE utilises Obrizum’s AI-powered “adaptive learning” technology to individually tailor virtual training experiences, curate data-backed feedback, and determine progress along the way.

“Technology changes as quickly as the threat does and this allows us to be more innovative than ever before to meet the needs of the digitally native students of today and tomorrow,” Lucy Walton, head of Training for BAE Systems’ Air sector, said.

“By harnessing technologies such as those delivered by Obrizum we can create the kind of immersive and engaging training environments our customers need and ensure training is a forethought, not an afterthought,” she continued.

But how does the new system work? Through “automation, adaptability and analytics,” Obrizum founder and chief executive, Chibeza Agley, told City A.M.

It brings the worlds of classrooms, personalised learning, and simulation based training together into one “galaxy” of modules, he added.

It will rid the “inordinate” amount of manual labour that comes with “old-fashioned” ways of programmes and learning assessments, Agley said, while cutting unnecessary “overhead” costs, such as transport and time.

Agley praised the DLE’s “speed of competency,” which he said is up to five times faster than traditional military learning courses.

The software also has the ability to detect if trainees are “cheating,” Agley said, making it “impossible” to “guess your way through” a training programme.

“That’s a material impact on being able to get people mission-ready sooner,” Agley said.

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